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Year 1992

Stamp Description ID No. Price
1992 Year Set.
Color printed catalog, Chinese and English explanation, including all of the following cool stamps & S/S.
1992Set $77
Renshen Year (Year of the Monkey) 1992-1T --
Stocks 1992-2T --
Fir of China 1992-3T --
Offshore breeding 1992-4T --
50th Anniv. of Publication of "Talks at the Yan'an Forum on Literature and Art" 1992-5J --
20th Anniv. of United Nations Conference on the Human Environment 1992-6J --
Insects 1992-7T --
25th Olympic Games 1992-8J --
25th Olympic Games (Souvenir Sheet) 1992-8JM $8
The Romance of the Three Kingdoms (3rd Series) 1992-9T --
20th Anniv. of the Normalization of the Diplomatic Relations between China and Japan 1992-10J --
The Dunhuang Murals (4th Series) 1992-11T --
The Dunhuang Murals (4th Series) (Souvenir Sheet) 1992-11TM $6
Mazu 1992-12T --
14th National Congress of the Communist Party of China 1992-13J --
International Space Year 1992-14J --
Jiao Yulu--A Worthy Cadre of the Party 1992-15J --
Qingtian Stone Carving 1992-16T --
90th Anniv. of the Birth of Comrade Luo Ronghuan 1992-17J --
Century of the Birth of Comrade Liu Bocheng 1992-18J --
Modern Chinese Scientists (3rd Series) 1992-19J --
The Constitution of the People's Republic of China (1982-1992) 1992-20J --

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