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Welcome to my chinese stamp page!

Happy Chinese New Year!

Thank you for the support in the last year. I believe you have found a lot of new fun from stamps in 1997. How about 1998? Good news!

I will go back to China in May, 1998. Of course, I will take back a lot of Chinese stamps, including year sets, S/S and single sets. Moreover, I will take preorder of any Chinese stamps you like, you want, you can not find. Any!

Do not sent me money for preorder, just send a list of stamps you are interested in. I can try my best to get them in China and take them back. (Because I can only set the price when I come back from China.) The price will be great, because they are directly from China!

For very specific stamps (for example, those very expensive ones), I have to set the price first and receive the money before I go to buy them, because I can not afford to keep two this kinds of stamps for myself.

  • Look through your catalogue and find what do you want.
  • Think about the stamps you have missed for a long time.
  • Ask your friends who are interested in Chinese stamps.

This is a GOOD OPPORTUNITY, you can find any Chinese stamps you want, buy directly from China, free carried to USA and mailed to you with a trusty friend.

I have some extra beaufiful chinese stamps, if you are interested in them, jump straight in and enjoy the cool stamp images.

If you can not stand the lure any more, get them from me at a good price. I need the money to get the stamps I really really need.

Very good stamp qualiy guarenteed!

You can email me at